Basanti Puja

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Goddess Durga was traditionally worshipped in the spring. The rituals of Basanti Puja are similar to those of Shardiya Durga Puja. Festival of nine nights dedicated to Goddess Durga, is observed in the spring during the month of Chaitra (March-April), from which it takes its name.



Kolkata Theater

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kolkata theater jatra

Started in the 1940s, the group theatre of Kolkata started as a different way of theatrical production in contrast with the traditional entertainment oriented theatres. The aims and objectives of group theatre are different from the primarily moneymaking goal of commercial theatre. Group theatre activists use the proscenium stage to highlight some social message.



Brigade Parade Ground

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The Brigade Parade Ground is unparallel in the country with its vast stretch of green plains, mementos of old wars and the magnificent Victoria Memorial at the background. The sprawling meadows of the Brigade Parade Ground are the breeding grounds for thousands of sportsmen and women coming from all over the state. It is the place that provides practice ground for numerous clubs who cannot afford to rent a ground of their own.



Digha Mandarmani

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digha Mandarmani bengal

Mandarmani is a seaside resort around 180 km from Kolkata, with birds dotting the sky and little waves washing the very calm in the clean beaches, as a few fishermen do their daily duty noiselessly. Its just you and the beach, not a second person to disturb you. Digha is the coastal capital of the Bengal tourism that pulls over beaches mostly overlooking the western shores of the land, some of which justly famous as the long Mandarmani where from November to February turtles come to lay their eggs.



Mothers Day

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mothers day

In the women's lives, even though there has weakened many taboos' first of all those related to the body and its vicissitudes sensual, the ties of kinship and family life seem to remain important, first of all the maternal role. Children can make gifts on Mother's Day, that the mother will remember forever. Depending on the age of the child, the designs of Mother's Day can be simple or complex. Be sure to choose an activity that allows the children themselves and their relationships with their mothers are. These projects can involve flowers, hand prints and portraits.



Kolkata Apartment

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kolkata apartment

Apartment is defined as the minimum space architectural composed of one or more environments and systematically linked together independent and such as to enable the function of dwelling. The unit thus corresponds to a single dwelling, which may also correspond to the concept more anthropological home. In all primitive cultures unit was founded in prehistoric times, it is the first element that goes to make up the built environment, that environment that is equipped man in modification of the natural environment, to make better their quality of life and optimize the limit of the technological possibilities of the various periods of its activities.



Kolkata Suburban Railway

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sealdah railway kolkata suburban local train.jpg

Kolkata Suburban Railway is huge and extensive and covers large areas in hinterland with Sealdah being an important suburban rail terminal. The suburban railway or urban or metropolitan is a type of transportation that uses rail lines eg the so-called loops for routing of convoys in order to ensure a fast moving mass of people in very large cities or fractionated in neighborhoods distant from each other or between them and the urban centers of the district.



Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant

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Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant

Located 50 km away from Kolkata, the Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant, has the highest power generation capacity among the State Sector Utilities of Bengal. The thermal energy can be transformed into other forms of energy, for example, is transformed into electricity in thermal power plants in geothermal power plants and solar power plants.