Brigade Parade Ground

The Brigade Parade Ground is unparallel in the country with its vast stretch of green plains, mementos of old wars and the magnificent Victoria Memorial at the background. The sprawling meadows of the Brigade Parade Ground are the breeding grounds for thousands of sportsmen and women coming from all over the state. It is the place that provides practice ground for numerous clubs who cannot afford to rent a ground of their own.
The Brigade Parade Ground is owned by the Military Authority with their headquarter situated at the Fort William, just beside the Ground. A visit to the lovely place will take you close to the nature in the middle of the concrete jungle. Sitting under the shadow of a tree in a lazy afternoon, munching groundnuts while watching the squirrels playing around you, the Calcutta Brigade Parade Ground is the favorite venue for the political parties to hold their massive meetings. The ground can easily accommodate three to four lakhs people.

Currently, the parade has become just a name to the legacy of its history, as the area in which it stood was turned into a park since the sixties. For many years this quadrilateral has been the site of many athletes training for distance runners and walkers.