Kolkata International Film Festival

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The main auditorium of the Nandan complex, in the center of Calcutta, is full of curious spectators. Kolkata International Film Festival aims to create a platform for a better understanding of the films of the past and present in an environment where industry professionals and film industry are moving in harmony with the art of film.



Flowery Kadamba

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cadamba kadam

Neolamarckia cadamba, commonly called Kadam in bengali is an evergreen, tropical tree and generally blooms during the rainy season. The leaves are reported to have good medicinal values in traditional system of medicines. The fruits are small capsules fleshy, joined together to form a infructescence fleshy, yellow-orange, comprising approximately 8000 seeds. When ripe, the fruit splits, releasing the seeds, which are dispersed by wind or rain.



Kala Jamun Jambul

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Jambul or Kala Jamun is a plant native to Malaysia, India and Mauritius. In addition to a variety of applications in the medical field seeds and dried bark normally used in blends by Buddhists. Its good to use pulverized and can be combined with sandalwood, the cinnamon, the cloves or camphor. It's very useful in invocatory ceremonies and rites of purification because it helps to communicate with your inner self.



Kamranga Star Fruit

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carambola star fruit kamranga

Carambola or Star fruit or Kamranga tree is a native of Sri Lanka, India and the Moluccas spread throughout Southeast Asia. It is also cultivated in Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Guyana, French Polynesia, and recently also in Guam and Hawaii. Produces a characteristic yellow fruit, as good as candy and decorate cakes, easily recognizable by section five-pointed star.



Chikoo Sofeda

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Sapodilla or Sofeda is a delicious tropical fruit. The texture is slightly sandy rather like an over-ripe pear and the taste is sweet with a slight hint of acid. It also has a distinctive rather fermented smell. The sapodilla is a plant of the family of Sapotaceae, native to Southern Mexico and Central America. In the Yucatan is one of the dominant tree species. It is cultivated for chicle traditional ingredient of chewing gum, extracted from its stem, for the precious wood and for its fruit, the sapodilla.



AG Church

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park st 24 assembly of god

The Assembly of God Church School, Calcutta, opened its doors on 20th January 1964 with 230 students and 16 teaching staff. The AG Assemblies of God, the most important denomination Pentecostal in the world, were founded in 1914 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, during a conference held after the death of the preacher of Chicago William H. Durham (1873- 1912).



Nivedita Setu

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Nivedita Setu is a bridge over Hooghly River. On April 7, 1902 Christina arrived in Calcutta, in India, and spent a bit of time with Vivekananda. On May 5, 1902 Christina and Sister Nivedita traveled to Mayawati but after the death of Vivekananda, July 4, 1902, Christina returned to Calcutta. She lived in a house in Bosepara Lane, and entered the school of Sister Nivedita as a teacher and also helped older women. After the death of Sister Nivedita in 1911, Christine became director of Nivedita girls school, along with all the other teachers in the school is also engaged in social work.



St Pauls School

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St Paul's School established in 1822 is one of the oldest school of Kolkata. The works for the construction of the new cathedral was entrusted to Major William Nairn Forbes in 1839. His first project was to build on the foundations of the old cathedral, but it was rejected. The second project was a church with a Greek cross with quarter-circle in the corners, but this was refused.