Kolkata International Film Festival

The main auditorium of the Nandan complex, in the center of Calcutta, is full of curious spectators. Kolkata International Film Festival aims to create a platform for a better understanding of the films of the past and present in an environment where industry professionals and film industry are moving in harmony with the art of film.

The air conditioning is deployed at full speed, just like the Bengalis. A film festival or film festival , is a cultural event during which they presented to the public of the film generally unpublished. The oldest international film festival is the Venice International Film Festival. The period preceding the festival, is restricted to procedures for the award of credits and the selection of films to be presented. Among the hundreds of films submitted, the director of the festival and its employees choose the most deserving and who meet the guidelines of the event. 

This phase is very delicate, especially if the festival is competitive, ie, it presents a competition. The level of the films in competition is in fact fundamental to maintain, over the years, the interest of the mass media and film buffs . In the specific case of a competitive festival, is entrusted with the task of assigning any awards or mentions to a jury, led by the so-called president of the jury. It can also be arranged Audience Award, voted by a jury.

Each festival has its own regulation, a budget to follow and usually takes place on an annual basis the duration varies from a few days to two weeks. Fundamentals are the sponsors and support from public and cultural institutions. A certain income can also come from the sale of tickets , the subscriptions and credits although these are often free. The projections can access usually the paying spectators, guests, delegations accompanying the film, and accredited journalists, students of film schools, etc.

The smaller festivals often dealing with a genre or particular to a specific topic and thus the festival are called thematic, while the international festival are usually generalists accept films of different genre, format, support, length and country of origin often dividing into slices; organize retrospectives and events of all kinds premiere with guests, galas or charity, etc. and offer services for journalists, such as press conferences and projections reserved. The major festivals are therefore at a meeting for all the insiders in the world of film. Manufacturers, distributors, directors, actors, film critics and fans, gather to see the latest news, art-house films and blockbusters.

The distributors and production houses that have a film in the program, often exploit the festival for promotional purposes, distributing press kits and various advertising materials gadgets, and making accompany the film by the director and the main actors. This is because the images of the bridges with the movie stars, such as the famous Montée de Marche at Cannes, they often travel around the world.