Jamai Sasthi

Bangla Band

Western influence has resulted in the emergence of the phenomenon of Bangla bands has existed as an independent genre for only about thirty years now from Bhoomi, Cactus, Fossils and Chandrabindoo being most popular of them. The term group in band or more properly musical ensemble means an artistic association comprised of people who play music together. It may refer to a set of professional or amateur musicians.

The formation of a complex depends on the genre of music that must perform, as each kind has its own characteristic organic. The formation easier in the rock is the Power trio drummer, bassist and guitarist, where one of the three is also a singer, usually the guitarist. Sometimes there are more than two guitarists, and one of the instrumentalists can also be an additional entry. Often there are tools add, such as the organ and or wind instruments such as sax or trumpet. In any case low and battery are essential in every type of group, because they constitute the rhythm section of the complex.

When a group of people working to the recording of a song, usual in classical music, recording is done directly with the full complement of staff, while in other genres you can record separately the various tracks and then a single musician can perform different parts; during the concerts for which this is not possible, if necessary, we resort to the help of session musicians who play the parts that are not performed by the main components of the complex.

In the organic black music often increases, adding to the group as described above, the horn section 3 to 5 items, and Section singers, as well as easily see the presence of organ and piano. In jazz in particular, the training varies depending on the era: from the beginning to the period of the swing (1930-1940) was the era of big band brass, jazz ensemble with horn section consisting of more than ten elements that are added guitarist, bassist, drummer and pianist. Since the end of World War II, with the Be-bop and later in the 60s with free jazz ensemble instead assert themselves more reduced from three to five elements, bassist, drummer, pianist and one or two horns.