Jamai Sasthi

Howrah Taxi

Howrah Station Taxi Stand Prepaid and Postpaid taxi services. The taxi is a car that performs a service carrying passengers on the public square for a fee, or on parking in designated public areas, specifically in a city with a guide to the driver, described as taxi or taxi driver.

Unlike the scheduled public transport, where the route and stops up and down are determined by the local service or the transmission line train, tram and bus, the service provided by taxi can be defined as door to door. The driver parked in the parking lot, or reached with any equipment radiotaxi app or smartphone specification, acquires the user's request, then picks it up at the address that has to be agreed within the municipality itself or district and finally delivers it to the required destination. The taxi can be stopped on the fly for the road. The service is normally required, except for a few exceptions, throughout the municipal area while driving ability or not to accept a destination outside this area.

The license holder can also be substituted for driving the taxi for a specific period and for specific conditions by drivers in possession of a certificate of professional competence. In addition, to perform the service, the vehicle must be white or gray depending on regions, have at least 4 doors, installing a device light of recognition on the roof that bears the word TAXI and must have, if provided by municipal regulation, even a meter sealed and approved within the same in accordance with the rules of the highway code. The regulations for the issuance of the license in each case differ from municipality to municipality from country to country.