Jamai Sasthi

Park Street Christmas

park streer chirstmas kolkata

The Park Street is a Christmas carnival place in the square hosted in Kolkata. With an estimated two million visitors a year is one of the largest Christmas carnivals in India and one of the most popular in the world. Begins each year on the Friday before the advent and ends December 25. Christmas lights invite you to stroll through the romantic markets, the seductive scent of baked apples and mulled wine fills the air in winter, traditional folklore and the sweet melodies of wind instruments prepare souls to recollection and to the party.

Despite a lot of research by historians, do not know the roots of Park Street in Calcutta. The first evidence dates back to 1870 but it is not certain whether the documents are really tied to a Christmas carnival. Historians believe that the carnival has developed from normal market, between 1870 and 1879 Originally, the carnival opened on December 24, but for the many visitors it was decided to extend the duration.

During World War II, the Christmas carnival was not held. Today, with about 2 million visitors and 180 stalls, the carnival is among the most popular and largest Christmas carnivals in India, every year there is a baby Jesus. Christmas carnivals transform Kolkata and towns in little worlds of Christmas, where you can feel the atmosphere of the party. There are hundreds of markets, some well known others less so, but all are worth a visit.


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