Kolkata Restaurant

A restaurant attested for the first time in Kolkata in 1877 is a building in which they are served food and beverages varied, to be enjoyed inside and sometimes even take away. The term covers a wide range of commercial activities and a variety of cuisine. Sometimes the restaurants are part of a larger complex, typically a hotel, in which case the environments for food are meant for use by guests, but they are often also open to external clients.

The French term restaurant from restaurer, refresh appeared for the first time in the sixteenth century, with the meaning a food which restores, and referred especially to a soup rich and refined taste. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Sobrino de Botin in Madrid, in Spain, would be the oldest restaurant still in operation. Indeed, it was opened in 1725.

The modern meaning of the term was born around 1765, when a cook Parisian named Boulanger opened a catering business. The first restaurant to adopt the shape which then became standard nowadays with customers sitting at their table with its own portion, having also the possibility to choose the range from a menu, during specific opening times was the Grand Taverne de Londres, founded in 1782 by a man named Antoine Beauvillier. It seems that the name is derived from the motto Come and I will refresh you posted in the first building of this type.

The organization of the restaurant is based mainly on the coordination of the work of the departments of the hall and kitchen. These are managed respectively by a brigade of room under the orders, and a kitchen brigade under the command of a chef . May also have other services such as reception, bar and cloakroom.