Christmas New Market

Christmas New Market kolkata

Its winter, it is the season of colors, bright sunny days, chocolates, cakes and of course the season of festivals. The Christmas Market in Kolkata or in Indian New Market is a trade event that takes place during the month of December in Calcutta.

Its establishment in Calcutta, in 1870, is one of the first of the phenomenon of diffusion of the Indian Christmas markets. The market has a place in the city center, behind the Chowringhee. Note that the oldest Christmas Market of India were born many imitations in the rest of India. The idea of making a Christmas market in Calcutta was born in the late eighteenth century, when some organizers of the British Empire, had proposed the creation of a local market. 

The first edition was held in 1870 and over the years saw the market grow their reputation and the presence of tourists. The Christmas market of Calcutta has managed to establish itself especially with the particular offer crafts and cuisine in India. In 2005 the market has reached its record of six hundred thousand visitors.

Over the years, the central event in Calcutta, were added other Christmas markets in the Old Town and beyond. The windows, illuminated by myriads of little lights, Christmas contain images that are being discovered every day at the opening of the window. Many visitors find this Christmas monument distinctive and original.

In 2006 in the historic center there are other markets with a total of over 150 stands. Ever since 2006 there is also a second Christmas market independently, housed in the stately courtyard of New Market.