Jamai Sasthi

Rabindra Sarobar

Rabindra Sarobar previously known as Dhakuria Lake that was created in the 1920s by excavation in a swampy area to provide soil for filling up the low lying areas is an artificial man-made lake in south Kolkata spread over 48 hectares with parks, gardens and walking alleys.

For artificial lake means a basin water artificially created by man. The majority of these creations are built to produce electrical energy through the production plants hydroelectric located in dams , which in most cases are the fundamental construction for creating an artificial lake. For artificial lake can be understood even the classic pond created for aesthetic purposes in an urban park. Typical examples are the basins that are visiting Central Park, the famous urban park in New York.

An artificial lake can also be built for naturalistic motifs, such as creating habitat for the reproduction of some species of birds.

Along the course of rivers, areas of floodplain , are sometimes designed to pin extraction of aggregates. Out of the function of the quarry, the wastelands of the pole are used as reservoirs expansion to receive the waters of floods sudden. If properly maintained, these areas will eventually be transformed into river parks, excellent wetlands, ideal for a habitat suitable for breeding of various animals.


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