Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kolkata Airlines

During the 1970s Kolkata Airport, also known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport or Dum Dum Airport was the busiest airport in India with all major International airlines at that time operating from here. The first aircraft a Dakota-3 landed here in 1924 which was also operational during World War II. It was the first Cargo Terminal in the country to be commissioned in 1975.

With the redesigned world class airport more and more International airlines are setting shop and offering new direct routes to the passengers here with the improved global air travel scenario. An airline is a company with the purpose of doing business through the transport of persons and or transport of goods via air.

In addition to the state-owned airlines and private, in recent years there has been a boom in low-cost airlines, which are imposed on the market due to reduced their flights. The prices listed are the result of a policy that aims to save on personnel, on the ground reservations and other services are given only online and edge less flight attendants in the cabin, where snacks and drinks are sold, rather than included in the ticket and on the choice of small airports with lower costs, often more distant from the destination of the major airports. Unlike traditional companies, moreover, is rarely resorted to frequent flyer programs to build customer loyalty through incentive trips.

Paradoxically, however, these companies spend an average of more secured a major airline: this is due to the fact that large corporations, such as the state, the national airports have their own security services and control, while small low cost airlines have have recourse to technicians from other companies, paying thus a higher price.

The most famous low-cost airline, the first to be able to really establish itself and launch the market in India, was the Deccan, which had by adopting the economic model low fares no frills that was used successfully some time ago by the American airline Southwest Airlines. Until a few years ago most of the airlines, often in economically deficit, were handled directly by the state primarily for reasons of prestige. These companies were also called flagcarriers because they flew so to speak, under the flag of a state, it was the case of the, Indian Air India, Germany's Deutsche Lufthansa and French Air France.

These Flag carrier did not have to respond strictly to the normal requirements of the market, but to those of the Government. Negative results of the company were often smoothed by generous donations from their respective governments.

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