Jamai Sasthi

Millenium Park Kolkata

Millennium Park set up on 1st January 2000 is a public park in Kolkata, situated along the Strand Road on eastern shore of Hooghly River near BBD Bagh for a stretch of 2.5 km near Babughat and opposite to Koilaghat is another stretch of green adding to the likes of Maidan and Kolkata Race Course. The park consists of landscaped gardens and children's amusement rides. Millennium Park comes alive with shimmering lights and the whole place is reminiscent of the golden days of the Raj era. The experience is sure to be a fun-filled one.

The Millennium Park is a prominent center of the city and an important landmark of the city. It was the mayor of Kolkata, the ambitious idea of ​​creating what was initially conceived plan for the future of Kolkata. Planning began in October 1997, construction began in October 1998 which was finally completed in December 1999. Millennium Park was inaugurated during a ceremony 26 December 1999 in the grand opening celebration.

Since then, the Millennium Park has become one of the most luxurious addresses in the city. The Millennium Park is a part of the larger park in shore of Hooghly River, one of the largest public parks, as well as a showcase for postmodern architecture, born from an ambitious idea of ​​the mayor. The Millennium Park is one of the largest public parks and is often considered to be the largest garden in the world, having been built along the riverside.

The enhancement of the natural environment along the river Hooghly has received in recent years, a concrete incentive by the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority, with the construction of a park, pedestrian and cycle paths with lighting, a lot of workstations with exercise equipment pine wood a real path-health for all ages.

The general appearance of the right bank of the Hooghly that skirts the town is now, for about two kilometers, and radically changed very pleasant, with furniture, toys, toilets, a kiosk for catering, locations for picnics and with the arrangement of lawns, shrubs and arboree spots, tall trees.
Again as part of the project aims to highlight aspects tourism and recreational activities were also placed for illustrative and educational signs along the main paths that radiate from the capital to the nearby mounds eg. paved the road, the famous shortcuts that lead quickly to the city, connected to the paths already marked by the KMC.

Residents and tourists can travel on foot, by bike or in a wheelchair, the whole area adjacent to Hooghly from the road to the bridge of Howrah, away from the noise and traffic dangers and in the quiet shady and welcoming lush nature.