Jamai Sasthi

Solar City Kolkata

Kolkata was the first city in India to have streetlights powered by solar energy. The conventional streetlights has also been replaced with new age LED luminaries to reduce power consumption and control carbon emissions while ensuring better visibility after sunset.

A solar power plant is a power plant that uses the solar energy to produce electricity. Of this type of power plants, there are two different types photovoltaic power plants and thermal power stations. This type of power plant uses photovoltaic modules to convert sunlight directly into electricity through the photovoltaic effect, so it is different from most of the plants because it does not use the turbine-alternator.

The modules with very high efficiency, however, are not normally used in extended structures such as those of a power plant because of their high cost. Spain and Germany have leading positions in the construction of such plants. Among the 50 largest in the world, as many as 45 are located in these two countries that have made ​​the largest investments in this type of technology. The solar power plant is the world's largest photovoltaic park Olmedilla de Alarc√≥n in Spain with 60 MW peak. 

This type of solar power plant stores solar energy through the solar panels that ensure direct sunlight into the mineral oil. This liquid absorbing solar energy heats up until it reaches a boil. Once you become gas is fed into a turbine connected to an alternator . The turbine subtracts kinetic energy to the gas and converts it into mechanical energy that is used by the alternator to produce electrical current. 

There is a second type of plants that does not use solar panels but mirrors. The mirrors are pointed toward a reservoir at the top of a tower. The concentrated light from mirrors to evaporate the liquid in the tank that sent the turbine and all alternator to generate electricity . This second type of thermal power allows to reach higher temperatures and thus allows to use as liquid other elements besides water raising the overall efficiency of the system.

The most modern plants intended storage of the high temperature fluid in special insulated tanks, which allow to operate the turbines during the night, in some cases with an autonomy of several days in case of bad weather. These systems, however, have the option to also be powered by gas if adverse conditions persist.

The current solar mirrors to function properly require to be properly aimed relative to the Sun and then there are motorized systems that ensure to maintain the correct orientation. In this way you can take full advantage of solar energy. The solar power plants, and in particular those with photovoltaic technology, they must cope with the non-continuous presence or randomness of the energy source, this form of energy is in fact dependent on atmospheric conditions such as the presence of clouds or rain. For the same reason, the solar source is defined as non-programmable.

Currently most of the research focuses on the improvement of solar cells are trying to obtain cells with higher efficiency than at present and at the same time trying to make photoelectric cells with high efficiency in the most economic way to reduce the cost of construction of power plants. Another more radical way is the construction of solar power plants orbitals . These plants are already achievable with today's technology, but they would have a very high cost because of the enormous amount of money needed to send in the central orbit. However, some studies are well under way and some nations Japan in particular plan to build one of these plants by 2040.

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