Jamai Sasthi

Science City Kolkata

Want fun. Science City an initiative for the promotion and popularization of science is an amusement park as one can expect to see in India. At the entrance you take notes of the attractions you want to do. Visiting the Prehistoric caves scares rainy days, and can be of the impression that it can turn into a horror movie. Otherwise the theater space, the machines here are adventures back in time! Then we find all rooms scientific experiments and mirrors and dusty fishes.

The museum was accessible through a set of inputs, each of which represented a scientific discipline such as, for example, biology, astronomy and physics; This serves to permeate the atmosphere museum visitor. The exhibition halls are divided according to the proposed scientific experiments. Had as its main theme the classical physics. Through this section was possible to know the dynamics of various natural phenomena such as: the lightning discharge, the perception of colors through the light, the force of gravity, etc. It was also possible to know in a few simple steps the evolution of the human species and the adaptation between different ethnic groups.

It was an Odeon cinema with a screen dome, able to reproduce the stellar system. The particular inclination of the audience allowing the viewer on his back to have a total view of the space with equally scenic effect. The computer also, at the request of the public, allowing you to locate any known star and project it on the screen immediately.

Divided into sections depending on the age of the child (0-3, 4-6, 7-9 years), this pavilion of more than 700 m² allowed the children to learn science by playing. Through the interactive system was possible, eg., Discover the mechanism of double bottoms, follow the movement of the sound waves, understand how the periscopes and kaleidoscopes.

A pavilion of 1700 m² allowed to organize exhibitions at particular times of the year such as, eg., Yum, during the winter season, dedicated to information nutrition and dietetics, Pompeii, during the summer, arranged so to involve the visitor in the event that buried the Roman city Osco-in eruption of Vesuvius in 79.

The model integrates a Science City Science Centre, interactive science museum second generation Hands-on, an Area dedicated to the Training, Development Planning and the creation of new businesses in the South. It also comes with a series of spaces dedicated to events, conferences, meetings and conferences. The BIC, an incubator for new companies specialized in the ICT Information & Communication Technology and environmental services and services to local and regional authorities, which is a system to support local development center for the dissemination and transfer of innovation.

The Calcutta Science Centre, is the first interactive science museum second generation Hands-on made ​​in India, focused entirely on experiential paths exhibits and experiments scientific, multimedia , theater, science , etc. with over 10,000 m² of area exhibitions, educational workshops, areas for temporary exhibitions. It is aimed at all citizens, schools, families, an educational tool for the dissemination of scientific and technological culture with the aim of stimulating the visitor desire to understand scientific phenomena through an innovative methodology.

Visitors are involved in the direct experience of scientific phenomena occurring in nature and in everyday life, that is, are invited to observe, analyze and reproduce the phenomena, to ask questions and seek answers in the display areas, exhibitions, laboratories, and in many scientific activities that take place there.

The Science Centre is open to both teachers and students, the educational offer which includes activities in the exhibition areas, outdoors, in laboratories, workshops, as well as within the same schools is divided into different types of interventions such as guided tours, educational activities, the mini campus, upgrading teachers, the establishment of school laboratories. Each activity proposed is tested and validated in projects involving networks of schools , universities and local authorities and research. In the years that have been activated several partnerships with local and regional school boards.

In a fascinating context for the architectural beauty and for its new high-tech, the Space Events and Conferences is a modern and prestigious areas with versatile and highly specialized services for organizing conferences, gala events, conventions and exhibitions temporary. The location comes from the recovery of an old mill and has become an elegant operation of industrial archeology that has helped to save the obsolete structure without compromising the changing needs of functionality.

It is also the opportunity to promote inter-territorial co-operation of the production system, institutional and social and the cultural heritage of the region: to promote scientific cooperation, cultural and economic life and create operational synergies between institutions and companies bells, helping to grow the ability to export goods and services produced locally in international markets.

Science City is, in short, one of the most advanced initiatives in India with regard to the creation of a comprehensive system of dissemination and transfer of knowledge science and technology to society.