Jamai Sasthi

Mahasasthi Durga Puja

maha sasthi durga puja

Maha Sashti, is observed on the sixth day after new moon during Durga Puja. Goddess Durga is welcomed on Sashti day to Puja pandals and households.

Masculine and Feminine. which is extremely different from the equation, so ingrained, that man and woman Male Female intellectually we get almost all, perhaps after an initial concerns, but you need to hear in the bowels as truth incarnate, otherwise you live in constant struggle with a part of ourselves and with the surrounding world. the strength of the mythological narratives is disruptive, myths speak to the core here is therefore the story of the birth of Durga, the Goddess, and his fight with the demon Mahishasura.

Mahisasura so we do not perceive a rift good-evil net, you are not likely to identify only the bright side, leaving to others the dark. besides the demon buffalo has all her good reason to be angry with the gods, but that's another story us here, we find it already furious.

Mahishasura was powerful as he meditated seriously for many years, and at the end of Brahma, the god of the beginning, appeared to him, commending his efforts and granting him the realization of a wish. In fact, the gods always makes his job: grants the wishes of those who pray, be a man, demon, beast or a god less powerful. can not do anything else, it is his task!

Mahisasura asks the gift of immortality. the fact is that it is the only thing that nobody can just give him, in fact the same deity had to fight hard to win but even this, is another story. Brahma will explain, and Mahisasura corrects the shot: "I ask you not to be killed by any demon, nor any man, nor by any god. me guess, the faces of Brahma, that in the traditional iconography has four although at the time he was five and over a matter of jealousy loses one, but that's another story, in listen to the request of the demon buffalo.

Brahma, maybe doubting, can not do anything but grant. From that moment on, the situation degenerates. Mahisasura conquest of all the territories of men, and his armies become stronger day by day, frightening and those who fight under his banners and more numerous. also conquered all the kingdoms of the world of demons. when the gods saw his hordes closer to his own world, fear spreads among them. who will ever be able to stop the decline of the universe gather in the council. the three main deities, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, that in the struggle between the devas (gods) and asuras demons, anti-gods are a little over the parts especially Shiva, and only in extreme cases intervene in support of the devas , are always accompanied by their female counterparts: Uma / Parvati / Kali for Shiva, Vishnu to Lakshmi, Sarasvati to Brahma.

Durga is born beautiful, smiling, jeweled, with a perfect curls look neat and sweet and firm.
enchanted by such splendor and understanding the hint, all the other deities give each his own weapon: a trident from Shiva, Vishnu chakra (disc war, a sort of deadly frisbee), Indra sword and gradually fumbling. at the end of Durga has a few dozen fathoms (thirty-three!), each limb armed with a gun divine. the equipment is not complete without a vehicle which transports: and rides a lion, Durga. a feline scary, huge, with a roar that upsets the earth and whose pitch drops the mountains. Goddess part, alone on her lion, for the battle.

it takes a heartbeat to vanquish the armies and vast hordes of demons Mahishasura. and when he sees it coming, you probably understand by now the fundamental error committed when he expressed his desire for invulnerability at Brahma; now it's late, and he can only fight. in the struggle, Durga is impassive, not even a curl hairstyle is broken, nor a drop of sweat wets the face of God. the demon/buffalo is constantly changing form, from the human to the buffalo, until Durga gets impatient and just nails him with his trident of Shiva, the exact moment of transition from one form to another. Mahishasura is destroyed, his armies defeated, and peace returns to reign in the three worlds.

Durga is easy for women to identify with Mahishasura it is for men. a bit too easy and if it exceeds the appearance Mahishasura in asking not to be defeated by either gods, demons or men, he left out the Female I do not know, then do not consider it. and it is the lack of integration of this quality energy to lose.

Mahisasura when we do not consider, because we do not know, some parts of us. so no, that tells of the destruction of the Male is a warning to all those who have the patience to listen to the myths and listen to yourself, not to make the same mistake of Mahishasura.

Durga has the opportunity to be born. after all they are our moments of crisis to bring to light the unexpected parts, numinous, who live there. The festival of Durga Puja that last for six days, particularly honored in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and Tripura, expected at the end of the period of great devotion, water immersion of the idols of clay depicting the Goddess, letting you gather with Shiva, his consort.

In the particular case of modern Calcutta, Durga puja has now become a sort of carnival of the East where people of all backgrounds, whatever their religious beliefs come together to have fun and to make  pandal-hopping , or browse through all the stands and pavilions Durga made ​​by local students of art and architecture. I know this may be far from the idea of spirituality that everyone should have in mind in India, but India, alas, this is also, and in many respects is absolutely a country verging on kitsch trash!

Would be very interesting to go to Calcutta a few days before the start of the celebrations and admire the artists while they finish decorating the pandal. But then perhaps it would be better to move towards some minor center in search of the lost spirituality!