Saturday, November 22, 2014

Puppet Show

The puppet is a type of body of the piece and the head of wood or other material that appears on stage half length, moved from the bottom, from the hand of the puppeteer, who puts it like a glove. The puppet show is usually represented in a wooden hut, called the castle. The puppet must be distinguished from the marionette , puppet type, wood or other material, which appears in the scene in the entire body and is usually moved from above using wires.

From the fourteenth century, the term is also used to indicate the capacity of the actors from the wood head and later for the same phantoms etymology of puppet sifter understood as robe is not supported by any evidence, if not the view took in the Nineteenth Century by Yorick, pseudonym of PC Ferrigni, journalist of the country, which joined enthusiasm and a lot of imagination in composing his History of Puppets. In areas where the tradition is still alive this accessory is called petticoat, smock and never cheesecloth.

The puppet is made ​​up essentially of three parts, which are identifiable in the head, hands and clothes. The material from which they are manufactured heads is usually light: papier mache, cloth, wood wire, clay. The interior of the head is hollow to allow the introduction of the fingers that hold the puppet however, some puppets whose head is built in the heavy material such as solid wood or plaster, possess a handle located inside the garment that allows the animator to challenge the puppet inside the head but from the special appendix. 

The puppets made ​​in this way have a hanging of the hands of the doll placed at the bottom to allow all anatomy of the human hand to adapt . In addition, the puppets are usually devoid of feminine dresses quarry but are animated from the bottom with the help of a stick: they have less mobility of the antagonist for this male. The handle of the puppet is done by putting your index finger in the hollow of the head and the thumb and middle finger in the two arms. As an alternative to the medium, you can use the little finger.

The garment may be Italian, the Russian, the Lyons, the German, the English or the Yugoslav, depending on the genre. The puppet, having a less noble lineage of the puppet and being directed to a popular audience, has few traits that allow successful identification will be so that the devils will have the robe completely red, the heavenly princesses, Pulcinella white, black teachers and judges and so on. Few furnishings in turn will ensure the recognition of the puppet: the sword to the knight, the crown for the king, and so on.

From the very beginning you can tell the difference between these two fundamental kinds of puppetry : nobles and religious to the puppet, humble and popular for the puppet. While the first mimics the man simulating the gestures and even surpasses it in what the actor by its nature can not do, the second is a sort of caricature of the human personality and its role is comic or tragic in their own impetuosity physical and verbal.

Different is also the relationship with the animator while the puppet is operated remotely, thanks to the aid of a complicated mechanical device consisting of a cruise and the wires, the puppet is in direct contact with humans, that the gives user an instant. The movement of the first plane and will therefore be slight, constantly aimed at the pursuit of perfection, while the second, more nervous and impulsive, directly reflect the sensitivity of the animator. 

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