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Kolkata Fashion Week

The Kolkata fashion week is a fashion event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers and the fashion houses to present their latest collections and the public to realize what are the latest trends.

The most important fashion weeks are those that take place in the capital of fashion Milan, Paris, London, New York and Berlin. From the early years of this decade, the fashion weeks have spread in different parts of the world. Some fashion weeks are presentations of specific products. For example, the Fashion Week in Miami is dedicated to swimwear, while the Portland parades ecological.

The first fashion week was held in New York in 1943, and was built with the aim to promote local fashion, to the detriment of the French, because due to the Second World War, it had become impossible to import clothes from Europe. After the war, the initiative of New York was adopted by the other fashion capitals of Paris, London and Milan.

The event with the fashion shows spring summer will be held in September October of each year as the event with the autumn winter will be held in February March of each year. The collections shown during the parades are related to subsequent seasons, and are organized well in advance so as to enable the production of the articles presented, and their acquisition by the stores.

The catwalks of Kolkata hail a total stylistic freedom and harmonious coexistence of fabrics and colors. The story is all about fashion, style and trends for the next season. The colors of all the drama and exotic high exposure brought the beauty and dynamic Jungle live on the ramp. Neutrals were the talk, among other collections that reveal dark and moody to show their awareness of volute.

The diversity of women's clothing that femininity combined with the power and success. The fusion of Western and Indian ethnic clothing was very visible. The fashion week was not all about the feminine lines because there were only a couple of designers who presented an exclusive range of men's clothing.


  1. Some gorgeous, glitzy, glamourous ladies in Sarees!


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