Monday, December 16, 2013

Flurys Tearoom

The Flurys Tearoom is located in Park Street. This Hall was founded in 1926 by Mr and Mrs J Flury from which it took its name, an English couple from a wealthy family. Their thoughts had turned to open a tearoom and reading for the many Anglo Saxons in the capital. At the time of the founding of Flurys, tearoom is still run by the descendants of Flurys.

Originally the room was located in Park Street, but the unexpected and resounding success that greeted the opening, forcing the two young Englishmen move to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi, on the ground floor the palace of the eighteenth century, looking down from the steps of MusicWorld, on the left.

Flurys survived the bombing of the two world wars the activity remained open throughout the Second World War, the advent of fast food there is one of McDonald's in the vicinity and various economic crises. For years a reference point and meeting place for many politicians, showbiz personalities and intellectuals. The appearance of the rooms, where you enter main palace it is the first entry immediately to the right of the hallway, is one of the foundation, in the English style of the late nineteenth century.

All inside, prints and antique furniture and a fireplace that is lit on the coldest winter days. The tables are accompanied by chairs and comfortable seating. The waitresses, and polyglot, advise on the choice of food as well as on that of the more than thirty tea on the menu. The dishes served here are all English style muffin, tea cakes, chocolate cake with walnuts, lemon, orange, scones with homemade jams, Eggs Benedictine, curried rice with chutney and chopped walnuts, various sandwiches and salads of every kind and service breakfast.

In the entrance hall there is a shop that sells over 100 varieties of tea, sweets of various kinds, cups and teapots and various gadgets

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