Jamai Sasthi

Writers Building Mahakaran

The Writers Building Mahakaran started as early as 1690 is the secretariat building of the Government of West Bengal. In 1695, the hovels were destroyed by a thunderstorm. In 1706, the new one-storeyed building was built. It was redesigned by Thomas Lyon in 1780 and received its impressive Corinthian fa├žade, an example of the Neo-Renaissance style, in 1889. There is a statue of Britannia atop the main entrance.

Mahakaran at BBD Bagh, formerly Dalhousie Square is a massive red brick building whose construction was initiated in 1690 to accommodate the staff with administrative tasks of the East India Company. The original building was destroyed by a storm in 1695. Its reconstruction was completed in 1780 by the architect Thomas Lyon. A century later, the facade was remodeled according to the canons of the neo Renaissance style typical of the end 1800. Today the place is the seat of the Cabinet of the chief minister of West Bengal.