Kolkata Metropolis

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Kolkata is known to be bursting with an overwhelming 10 million people, Kolkata is busy and bustling. Something is always happening whether it is soccer, religious celebrations, concerts. It is located in a zone insane from the point of view of climate, including the Hooghly River, a creek and a marshy swamp. The location was chosen by the founder Job Charnock, the East India Company, for safety reasons, as it was surrounded by water.



Gangor: a Woman of Bengal

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Gangor, will be released in theaters on March 11, tells a story of women who have the courage to fight for the dignity of women. The story is based on the destructive relationship between a photojournalist urban middle class and the poverty of the rural dispossessed of his dignity.
Gangor is the story of a photojournalist Upin, posted in West Bengal for a report on exploitation and violence against women tribal. 



Kolkata Shop

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Vendors selling bangles are seen in the streets of Kolkata. There are also separate shops which sell a variety of bangles. The cosmetic, cosmetics, cosmetology, makeup or makeup, is the set of treatments, employing natural and synthetic substances, designed to treat and improve the appearance and odor of the human body for the purpose aesthetic. Related primarily to the care of face, skin, nails and hair is widespread in all cultures since ancient times.



Satyajit Ray

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First advertising model maker, Satyajit Ray founded in 1942 a film club in Bombay and the Calcutta Film Society in 1947. European American filmmakers as there are projected, especially neo-realists who make strong impression. It is the meeting French filmmaker Jean Renoir, during the filming of the movie in India The River and watching the neorealist Italian film Bicycle Thieves during a trip to London, who decide to embark on the filmmaking when he exercises an illustrator for a publishing house.