Dol Purnima

March 24, 2016 Kalyan Panja 1 Comments

Holi comes from India and is celebrated in the spring, especially in the north of this vast country. It is also called Phagwah or Dol Yatra, Dol Purnima, Holika, Pagwa, Hola Mohalla, Gair Dance, Lathmar Holi, Prahlada, Kumaoni Holi. We make colorful balloon dust, the gulal and colored water. And one of the oldest festivals and certainly the most colorful of the world. On this day all people are equal. Also belonging to the caste has no role in this day, exactly like sex or social position. At one time the dust was produced by flowers healing, roots and spices. Even today, the powder is blessed.

Holi is an important festivity in the month of Phalgun February-March is celebrated in the days of the full moon of spring. Its a party passing, a joyous saga of spring, and this is no different from that in many festivals around the world celebrate the return of light after the shadows of winter. In this season the flowers and fruits proclaim the divine beauty, which hides itself in the forms of nature.

On the night of the full moon in a huge bonfires are burnt twigs of winter. The next morning, when the coals are cold, come and venerate the sacred ashes on them are scattered dust and water colored to symbolize the arrival of spring. The festival of Holi, says one of the many Indian legends, is celebrated in memory of a demoness, Holika, who was burned at the stake by proclaiming the victory of the gods over the demons.

The festival of colors Holi is also the joyous dancing and games of the god Krishna and the Gopis milkmaids divine. During the days of festivities, all paint their faces with bright colors that are sold everywhere.

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