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Radhaballavi Koraishutir Kachori

Radhaballavi, is a deep fried bread stuffed with lentils and spices and is a popular menu during marriages, birthdays and other occasions. It is a traditional pure Bengali delicacy and is generally taken with with Aloo Dum.

The Radhaballavi is a type of Indian bread that is traditionally eaten for breakfast, but that can also be eaten as an appetizer. The Radhaballavi is fried in oil, is completely submerged so it swells up. The Radhaballavi may be accompanied by yogurt sauce or a sweet jam such as mango, it is sometimes sprinkled with sesame seeds. There are also some stuffed Radhaballavi palak spinach, aloo potatoes.

The Radhaballavi is often accompanied with various sauces, such as saagu, or the masala of potato alu dom but also from the dessert halwa, the korma, the chana masala or a soup of lentils called cholar dal. In Bengal during the celebration of the Puja, Radhaballavi is served as an accompaniment to many dishes based on vegetables and mistanno, a sweet made ​​of rice, milk and sugar.

The best-known variant of the pure is the Kachori that is at least three times larger than the pure and is served along with the chana masala, a curry of chickpeas spicy. It also uses a different type of flour while for the Radhaballavi you use whole wheat flour, for the Bhatura is always used flour Maida, which allows it to rise.

Other variants are very popular luchi consumed in the eastern states like West Bengal and Orissa, or sev puri, served as a snack on the streets together with the chaat. Radhaballavi is prepared using a mixture of flour Atta integral and salt, then extended through a rolling pin and fried in butter ghee or vegetable oil . In Pakistan and other parts of India like West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, Radhaballavi is usually prepared with Maida flour instead of the Atta. While frying the dough swells becoming slightly spherical. When it starts to become golden color, it is removed and served hot.

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