Jamai Sasthi

Maha Saptami

Mahasaptami, Pran Prathishta, Kolabou, Bodhan are the most important rituals performed on the day. Durga, Goddess of India, also known under other names Devī, Uma, Parvati, Kali, etc. Her mythological representation resulting from the merger of several gods more or less similar, and his character is extremely complex, oscillating between terror and mercy, and that you want to see the survival of distinctive notes of two of the mythical figures from which it resulted formed, one of the goddess of fire and the other of the mountains.

Her love affair with Shiva and the birth of the god of war myths are one of the most celebrated of its cycle. It will figure as Uma or Parvati, daughter of Himalaya king of the mountains; which, won the love of Shiva, then gives birth to Kumāra, god of war, which in the day of his birth to kill the demon Taraka, hitherto untamed enemy of the gods. Other myths represent it as terrible and debellatrice invincible opponent of the Asuras these exploits are celebrated in Devī māhātmya, which is a section of MāRKAndeya.

While AN in and constitutes a sacred text for the worshipers. It became one of the most popular deities in India, regarded as the Shakti , or female figuration of the power of Shiva. In his worship were largely the bloody sacrifices, mostly of animals, although not lacking even hints at human victims.