Jamai Sasthi


Kolkata is special for the sweets especially the ones made from cottage cheese channa and is considered as the one of  the delicious form of sweets and remains unparalleled. It is an ancient custom among Bengalis to distribute sweets during festivities. Rasgulla is a very popular dessert, made ​​from a soft cheese Indian chhena. It consists of small balls of cheese and semolina flour that are boiled in a sweet syrup, and then served.

The basic ingredients of cakes and desserts in Indian cuisine are together sugar, the flour, the milk and its derivatives such as, for example, cheese and condensed milk a very common method of cooking is frying, as frequently these specialties are served with syrup sweet taste. The amount of ingredients in Indian cooking is almost endless, especially those from the plant. In India, in fact, the cultural tradition of vegetarianism to some particular ethnic groups is widespread spices, herbs and many types of vegetables are therefore the basis of many dishes.

The Indian subcontinent, usually called India, is populated by dozens of different ethnic groups, each custodian of its own culinary tradition; therefore, it is virtually impossible to define an Indian cooking tout court. A rough distinction can be made, however, between the culinary traditions of the north, far from the sea and with a fondness for meat, but with a sparing use of spices, and the cuisine of the south, where both fish and spices play the The lion's share, along with the fruits of the earth.