Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Lower Damodar River

Damodar River is a river flowing across Bengal and flows 368 miles to reach the south western fringes of Kolkata to join the river Hooghly.  Rich in mineral resources, the valley is home to large-scale mining and industrial activity. The two minerals that are widely available in the land beneath and around this river are coal and mica. As per the history of Damodar River, it used to flow from west to east in Bengal and joined Hooghly River near Kalna. But later on, it changed its travel route. The water in its lower reaches now flow into Mundeswari River and Rupnarayan River. The remaining of it travels to the south of Kolkata to mix with the Hooghly. The banks of Damodar river are worth for an excursion or picnic
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