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Digha Mandarmani

digha Mandarmani bengal

Mandarmani is a seaside resort around 180 km from Kolkata, with birds dotting the sky and little waves washing the very calm in the clean beaches, as a few fishermen do their daily duty noiselessly. Its just you and the beach, not a second person to disturb you. Digha is the coastal capital of the Bengal tourism that pulls over beaches mostly overlooking the western shores of the land, some of which justly famous as the long Mandarmani where from November to February turtles come to lay their eggs.

The largest beach of the Bengal, Digha is also one of its richest provinces because the old tin mining and port activity has been replaced by the gold of a tourist who does not know flexion. The town is worth a short visit with its colorful market, the residences in colonial style, the beautiful aquarium and the park of Butterflies.


  1. the photograph is soo trippy! wonderful click! one of yr best! =)


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