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Oxford Bookstore

Oxford Bookstore

Oxford Bookstore is a Calcutta based book store chain founded in 1920 now managed by the Apeejay Surrendra Group located at the time in 15 Park Street, at the facade of Park Hotel in Kolkata. It also has a Cha Bar, library that is interested in literature independent international arts and politics progressive.

It is remembered as the meeting point of the many eminent British and Indian figures. This event and the uniqueness of the role of culture in the city during the Naxalite rising, having used as a message drop-off point of the activists and spread many other major works, has allowed this small Bookstore, to obtain the status of reference point. This status ensures the maintenance of certain characteristics of the building and its surroundings so that they can enjoy the historicity and importance.

Over time, its dimensions have multiplied, so that today there are outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai where you gather books, merchandise and arts of various kinds. Despite being visited by many curious readers and scholars, Oxford Bookstore has imbued its character to be the original, and this is visible in the choice of being an independent bookstore, and in the choice of books those of the major publishing houses up to the rarest and breath with little advertising. 

Independence, then, implies that within the Bookstore you can browse, read, discuss, leave their work or just stay in this zone of literature and art. They are famous for its employees the skills and knowledge encyclopedic so that you get to buy a book and comes out with another, perhaps a complete stranger.