Kolkata Bus Service

Kolkata Bus route volvo jnnurm

Kolkata Buses are run by Calcutta State Transport Corporation that manages bus services in Greater Kolkata. Most services are operated by private companies, although this is not well known to the passengers as the bus carrying the same colors and logo of public transport in Kolkata.

The areas of greatest responsibility of Transport for Kolkata in the management of the network are line planning, determination of levels of service, control of quality of service, management stations, bus stops and other related services, treat the information to passengers in the form of schedules, maps and information at bus stops, produce documentation, available at Travel Information Centres, libraries etc, as well as on the internet.

The current bus service is operated by a large number of private companies acting under the control of the West Bengal state government undertaken transport corporation. The CSTC publishes a variety of maps and information material about the management of the route of bus. In part are maps of Kolkata with superimposed lines of the bus. Rather than cover the entire city, these maps are centered on a particular area and play the stops of the different lines that run. 

On the network of Kolkata Buses you can travel with a single ticket. The rates were linked to the length of the race, pay as you go pay by usage, travelers pay a certain quota for every trip, even if there is a maximum daily, about the amount that can be charged on a daily basis. All children up to 3 years travel free. 

The different operators operating under the control of the Kolkata Buses use different models of vehicles, except the common characteristics of the color of the plumage. In any case, the vehicles must meet certain minimum specifications laid down in the specifications of the Kolkata Buses that exerts strict control on the quality of service, age and specifications of means. Among the mandatory specifications there is the use of a separate output, not common in Kolkata bus, and the bus double-deckers, the use of a straight staircase rather than spiral once used in bus.

Due to the specifications of the buses, buses decommissioned from service after just a few years, are resold to other cities that do not have this particular severity in the use of public transport. The JNNURM Buses are equipped with a system of automatic location of the vehicle. The system follows the movement of all the vehicles of 1000 Volvo Buses. This information is used to provide passengers with accurate information on arrival times of vehicles and to adjust the lights of the traffic lights to avoid unnecessary stops to public transport.

The existing GPS are equipped with microwave sensors located on the bus. When the vehicle passes the sensor informs the road on the vehicle of the position in which it is located. This information is sent to the control unit which processes the data and then sends the stops to indicate the time of passage of the bus.