Jamai Sasthi

Kolkata Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is a public trade event, which takes place usually outdoors, in the city center, which is exposed to everything that concerns the Christmas. Usually, there are small stands, where one can buy Christmas decorations, gourmet regional products or of handicraft, souvenir, small gift items. He performs extensively a catering service that offers fast often mulled wine, sandwiches, sausages and hot dogs warm.

The decoration of the place tries to be suggestive: it consists of a remarkable lighting, made ​​of candles, and often fire logs. Often the soundscape is enlivened by choirs and Christmas music. The entertainment often includes the traditional performances such as, for example, the interpretation of characters in the nativity or birth of Jesus. Sometimes, markets are also open at night, sometimes only on some nights nights, sometimes for the entire span of event.

In Kolkata, and in general all over India, the advent is usually introduced with the opening of the Christmas market in Kolkata. The tradition of Christmas markets goes back to a time when bulk purchases are not made ​​in the supermarkets, but had to wait for the trade fairs organized in kind to the expiration of annual events such as the Advent season.

The first traces of Christmas markets date back to the fourteenth century in Germany and Alsace with the name of St Nicholas Market. The first document attesting to a Christmas market is dated 1434 and cites a Striezelmarkt market Striezel, a sweet German that took place in Dresden, the Monday before Christmas. Later, during the Protestant Reformation , the name was renamed in Christkindlmarkt, as opposed to the cult of the saints. Other early markets are to Strasbourg which dates back to 1570, and that of Nuremberg of 1628.

In Europe today, the most famous Christmas markets are held in the city of Augsburg, Nuremberg, Dresden, Cologne in Germany and Strasbourg in France during the period of December, the markets make them very popular tourist destinations. In Cologne are held seven markets, in different places in the city, including one in a boat on the Rhine.