Kolkata Supermarket Big Bazaar


Kolkata Supermarkets sell fast moving consumer goods like grocery, toiletry and it has a market share of around thirty percent in organized retail. The shopping centers are part of those spaces that ethnologist French anthropologist Marc Augé calls non-places, contrasting them to classic anthropological places: the non-places are those spaces produced the so-called society supermodernity who have the prerogative not to be identity, relational and historical spaces in which multitudes of individuals are crossed without entering into a relationship, driven only by the desire to consume or to accelerate everyday tasks.

The identification of non-places such as shopping malls, however, has been the subject of focused distinct from that of Marc Augé a study carried out on a large sample of high school students showed how the malls are one the meeting places of choice for teenagers, which put them in third place of your preference after the meeting house and bar.

According to Marco Lazzari the digital natives are native also compared to shopping centers, meaning they do not perceive them as something other than oneself: escaping the rhetoric of non-place, and any intellectual snobbery, the boys feel the shopping center as a place itself, attendance is not random and not directed only to the purchase, where you can express the social, meet friends and enjoy activities with their fun and interesting.

The same Augé, in fact, he later agreed that some form of social ties can emerge everywhere young people who meet regularly in a supermarket, for example, can make it a point to meet and come up with such a place