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Kolkata Christmas

Kolkata Christmas wallpaper

Christmas in Kolkata is a holiday, which is also called as bada din or long day and that is it. With the Christmas Mass, the feast is celebrated and the banquet is no less delicious than other countries. Particularly typical are the cakes and desserts, which are served in clay pots for this holiday.

Over the last century, with the gradual secularization of the West, and in particular of the Northern Europe, Christmas has continued to be a day of celebration for non Christians even in Kolkata, taking on different meanings from the religious. In this context, the Christmas feast is generally seen as linked to the family, solidarity, the exchange of gifts and the figure of Santa Claus.

So do not be surprised if there are crowds of Christmas Men, sometimes full buses, passing through the streets. Most Christians here are Roman Catholic. Therefore the midnight mass is very important to them. The whole family attends the mass. The churches are decorated with poinsettias, the red Christmas stars and candles. Afterwards people celebrate a big party with various delicious dishes and gifts are distributed.

Many cribs are designed and some families hang large star-shaped lamps in the balcony of the houses, so you can walk through a real starry sky when you walk through Christianized districts and every household ensures that they have enough cakes in the house for unexpected guests. Each house is decorated with a Christmas star, which can be found in every shop in the beginning of December. Cribs decorate not only the churches, but also the home of many Christians.


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