31st December Kolkata New Year Party 2017

Kolkata New Year Party 31st December

The New Year in Kolkata is incomplete without its authentic food and music parties. As the New Year approaches, singers are hired by neighbourhoods for concerts and musical events involving Bollywood stars and celebrities. Large crowds gather to watch these shows, and maybe get a photo with some stars.

The celebration of the New Year in Calcutta was introduced by the British during colonization and is an event awaited by the young and old, and celebrated everywhere, from big towns to villages.

A large part of the festivities takes place on the street, where dances and parties welcome the New Year with joy. Even shopping malls, stations, restaurants, teem with people of all ages for the event. The exchange of messages, greeting cards and gifts are an integral part of the year-end party in Kolkata.

The TV shows hosts the festivities on the main channels for most of the day with entertainment shows, horoscopes and future predictions, to which the Bengalis are very passionate, and there are family gatherings to discuss resolutions for the new year.

What unites the people of Kolkata is to welcome the new year that is full of hope that brings happiness and joy in everyone's life. On 31st december night, the streets are filled with people throwing firecrackers and fireworks as they could. In short, every occasion is good to celebrate in Kolkata!


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