Jamai Sasthi

Babui Pakhi: Weaver Bird

The weaver birds are a family of small birds, passerines, which are characterized by bright colors and habit of building nests of large and complex structure. Birds are passerines of small to medium sized 11-24 cm long, with a beak short and stout. In most species there is a marked sexual dimorphism males have liveries in very bright colors while females have a rather resigned.

Birds are mainly granivores and insectivores, whose diet adapts to the seasonal availability of resources some species. They are gregarious animals and often their nests are colonial, often suspended or fitted with tubular extensions, which in some species can reach a diameter of 3 or 4 m. In many species it is the male to build a nest, the female with rituals of courtship also very complex. After the mating, the female lays 2 to 8 eggs, whose color ranges from white to blue or green light, depending on the species. In some species both sexes are responsible for hatching in other task is only the female.

They are particularly popular in the Sub-Saharan Africa but some species are also found in Asia and in Australia.