Jamai Sasthi

Shiuli Flower: Night Jasmine

The Shiuli flowers would bloom in the wee hours of the dawn, spread their heady fragrance and intoxicates all around. The flowers fall from the trees as the dew drops in the early morning and flower lovers pick them up and generally place them in flat bowls to keep their rooms nicely fragranced.

The night Jasmine, also known as the beautiful night, open their flowers at dawn. Even the butterflies begin their flight in the hours of the night between the viburnum, otherwise known as snow balls because white flowers of spherical shape. Everything is silent with the night fell silent alone in a house still awake the noises muffled, from them, to not disturb the peace at night, seem a whisper of voices. In the nest the little sleeping under the wings of the mother.

From the cups of jasmine flowers open exhales a perfume that makes you think the smell of red strawberries. While in the house beats still life and a shining light in the room, the grass was growing on the dead. A bee that has lingered in the air, is all occupied the cells of his hive. The constellation of the Pleiades shining in the blue sky and the flicker of his light brings to mind the image of a small hen surrounded by her chicks, intent to peep.

Throughout the night exhales the scent of jasmine which the wind carries away with him. The light on in the house goes up the ladder, shines on the first floor and off. It is clear allusion to the spouses who join in the darkness. With the arrival of dawn open the petals and the flower hatching springs and secret ballot. The poet alludes to the burgeoning of a new life in the lap of the bride, now a mother.