Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Feast of Grandparents Day

The Feast of the grandparents is a recurrence calendar, as a time to celebrate the important role played by grandparents within families and society in general. The task of promoting initiatives to enhance the role of grandparents, at that date, it is by law to Regions, Provinces and Municipalities. The Grandparents Day was introduced in the United States in 1978 during the presidency of Jimmy Carter on the proposal of Marian McQuade, a housewife of West Virginia, the mother of fifteen children and grandmother of forty grandchildren.

The McQuade began promoting the idea of a national day dedicated to grandparents in 1970, working with the elderly since 1956. He believed, in fact, a fundamental objective for the education of the younger generation the relationship with their grandparents, the bearers of knowledge and experience. In the United States the national festival of grandparents National Grandparents Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in September after Labor Day.

In the United Kingdom, introduced in 1990, since 2008 is celebrated on the first Sunday of October. In Canada it is celebrated since 1995 on October 25. In France, grandfathers and grandmothers are celebrated each year separately. The Festa della Nonna since 1987, the first Sunday in March. Since 2008 has been introduced Festa del Nonno on the first Sunday of October.

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