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Blood Donation Kolkata

Organ donation is a mission and a gesture of generosity that characterizes high humanity of a country and is catching many lost years with a recent increase of consent to donation. The same has given way to a form of collaboration is very important, which currently cover only but could very well involve the whole continent in a short time. It is connected via the internet all the eye bank in the country, or that archive that gathers data on donations related to the cornea tissue, blood groups, techniques, innovations, updates.

The network connection will speed up and improve the information service before transplantation in order to spend less time possible and optimize the costs. A collaborative network is so extensive, if you allargasse the whole of Asia, it could facilitate the lives of many doctors and patients, and perhaps set an example for similar collaborations in other fields.

The donation of blood is the action of a single individual, acting voluntarily or spontaneously agreed, aimed at depriving a certain amount of their blood or its components, that is used for medical purposes.

Can be dictated by the pure spirit of solidarity, totally free of charge, or in some countries can have an economic counterpart: about 124 were under observation by the WHO in the distant in 1997, only 49 resulted in unpaid. On the other hand, in the 3rd world countries such as Haiti, the periodic sale of blood to the multinationals by volunteers resulted, as well as the form of self-sufficiency, even the main source of foreign currency for the national economy.

The amount of blood taken and arrangements can vary. The collection can be made ​​for simple runoff after venipuncture, or through automated equipment that pick only specific portions of the blood plasma. Most of the components of blood used for transfusions have a short life and the maintenance of a constant supply is a persistent problem.


  1. As a Rotarian, I can't help but wonder if Rotary has a hand in this cause?


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