Jamai Sasthi

Alipore Zoological Gardens

At Belvedere Road. Also known as the Alipore Zoo, is one of the major attractions of Calcutta. There was the only specimen of the giant tortoise Aldabra species now extinct. It is said that this specimen had completed its 250th birthday before expiring. There you can also see examples of deer of Manipur highly branched horns.

The animal park, more commonly called the zoo, is the place where they are exposed to the public animals. They can be local or exotic. Generally considered important recreational places, especially for families, the major zoos play an important role in the field of natural and environmental, scientific research and conservation of biodiversity.

The term zoological garden derives from the name of the discipline of natural science that studies animals, zoology , from the greek zoon, animal and logos, science. The first modern zoo in the world that still exists is the Tiergarten of Schönbrunn in Vienna, founded in 1752 by Francis I. The oldest zoo Italian is the Zoological Garden of Rome now Biopark, opened to the public in 1911, zoos are contested from animal welfare groups, which believe that the detention of animals is ethically wrong and contrary to their ethological characteristics.

Indeed, a growing number of species owes its survival breeding in zoos and funds raised in zoos are an important part in support of species in their natural habitats. In addition, professional associations of reference, carry guidelines for the various groups of animals that serve to identify and meet the biological requirements of the animals housed in zoos. he zoo also perform an important social function, especially in large urban centers providing direct contact with a small part of nature and biodiversity.