Jamai Sasthi

City Center Salt Lake

Built in by celebrated Architect, designer Charles Correa City Centre, Salt Lake is the mall that worked itself into peoples hearts. It is an Indian lifestyle landmark, that became happening all at once. The shopping center or multi directional differs from traditional mall for its services and activities it performs. A shopping center is a structure that encloses a supermarket or hypermarket, surrounded by a number of shops shopping mall and catering.

The mall is directional instead characterized by a wider range of services. In the same structure in addition to the traditional business functions described above, there is a wide variety of services not only commercial in nature. The area reserved for commercial activities is flanked by other areas or sections shaped to accommodate functions such as offices, clinics, medical laboratories, offices or public institutions of the union.

In practice, the shopping center or multi-directional combines the traditional commercial structures of a wide range of public and social interest. Similarly the benefits and strengths of the malls ease of access and parking areas, heated air conditioned indoor space rationalization, safety, comfort become an added value for these social functions and public.

Sometimes some shopping centers are housed in brownfields properly restored, in which case they are characterized by the shops arranged on many levels, now integrated in the urban center, renovated as a commercial center of the neighborhood, designed as a public place with squares and inland, with a varied range of small shops, where the driving force is a large gym with a swimming pool on the third floor.