Kolkata Ferry Service

The Ferry service connects Kolkata to Howrah and provides a cheap alternative route to the Howrah rail terminus. A ferry is a means of transport that allows crossing a water obstacle encountered along a path, usually over a relatively short distance, and with a service implemented regularly. The ferry can also take place through a vessel that carries passengers at the same time with their cars or commercial vehicles and rail cars this usually ship is equipped with special ramps and movable bridges to facilitate the boarding of vehicles and is called Roll-on or Roll-off .

The ferries also form an important part of the system of public transport in many cities on the shores of lakes, rivers and seas, allowing direct transit between points at a cost much lower than that of a bridge or a tunnel .

Ferries connect many coastal islands with the mainland. Perhaps the most notable example of this type of path is through the English Channel, which connects Great Britain with the rest of Europe, or what to Istanbul Turkey connects the two banks European and Asian of the Bosphorus, but there are many other examples.

The ferry from Lower Kingswear to Dartmouth, Devon England. The pontoon carries eight cars and towed across the River Dart by a small tug. Only two ropes connect the tug to the pontoon. The ferries also provide service on major lakes: Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, for example. For the crossing of canals or rivers you can see for example that of Candiano Channel Port of Ravenna or the one on the Rhine River in St. Albert locations Municipality of Ravenna.

A wide variety of boats being used as ferries, depending on the length of the route, the number of passengers and or vehicles to carry, the speed you want to achieve and conditions of the waters that the boats have to face. The hydrofoils were used to take advantage of higher cruising speeds, on the busiest routes, for example by replacing the hovercraft on the English Channel, and competing with trains Eurostar using the Eurotunnel.