Friday, May 10, 2013

Kolkata Flower Show

No beauty can challenge the beauty of flower such is the creation of nature. To brighten the mood with soothing fragrances and beautiful ambiance this winter weekend, vast arrays of flowers are on annual flower exhibition of Agri Horticultural Society of India, Alipore, Kolkata. Typically this event is held in the palace of Agri Horticultural Society, in the south-west of Kolkata, during the first of January. 

You can visit entire gardens prepared for the occasion, marquees or halls of real flowers, or attend various conferences and debates. It is the second most important floral display. However, what differentiates the show is the ability to sensitize more on environmental issues, learn how to grow the plants themselves or new recipes, even with the unique opportunity to buy gardening products as well as flowers and plants of different types.

One of the oldest and busiest in the world, is organized annually by the Horticultural Society at the and is set between the events of the social season. The idea of an exhibition of floral national character was born toward the beginning of the nineteenth century . The first Horticultural Society Great Spring Show was held in 1962. Previously, however, the Horticultural Society organized a flower show in 1933 at its gardens.

Hence the idea to organize the exposure to the gardens of the Inner Temple. 

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