Jamai Sasthi

Murshidabad Baluchari

The district of Murshidabad, West Bengal, is renowned for its production of silk. This district is also the city of Baluchari, from which originated the style of the same name already presented. Murshidabad silk is smooth and shiny; is often printed with tribal motifs, batik or playful geometric patterns.

The Battle of Plassey took place on 23 June 1757, in Palashi, India, on the banks of the river Bhagirathi, about 150 kilometers north of Calcutta, near Murshidabad. The battle is part of contrasts between Britain and France for colonial possessions in India which developed from 1700 to 1764 , and in particular is part of a series of confrontations that occurred during the Seven Years' War ; after this battle Britain almost completely ousted France from Indian territory.

Main reason for the clash was the possession of the area of Bengal, ruled by the Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula. All Indian nabobs at the time sided with the French or British useful pretext to tighten disputes with other billionaires and Suraj-ud-Daula was favorable to the French. In 1756 he was attacked with 50,000 troops to surprise the British garrison in Calcutta defended by 515 men. 146 of the 170 men left in the city by British officials on the run were imprisoned in a local five and a half meters from the side without ventilation, leaving only 23 alive the next day.

The news of outrage called the black hole of Calcutta was sent to the agency of the British Madras who sent General Robert Clive , who had already distinguished himself in brilliant military operations. These took command of the army in 1756 and recaptured Calcutta January 2nd 1757 with 900 British soldiers and 1,500 Indian soldiers sepoys, freeing European officials fled from Calcutta. But the peace concluded with Suraj-ud-Daula did not last long and, although it had indemnified any losses suffered by the British, also asked that the latter and the French battles in India.

But the Seven Years War had just broken out, and the soldiers of His Majesty attacked a French settlement near Murshidabad, then capital of Siraj-ud-Daula, and in addition they advanced absurd requests knowing that would not have been accepted to the nabob. Meanwhile Clive had convinced his uncle Suraj-ud-Daula, Mir Jaffar, to work together to overthrow him. So Suraj-ud-Daula organized another army and marched to Calcutta.