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A multiplex cinema or just multiplex is a movie theater which includes from 2 to 10 screens playing, usually the result of renovation and or expansion of an existing single screen cinemas in town. It speaks instead of in the case of multiplex movie theaters built exnovo usually outside of city centers to the need for large spaces at affordable rates with an advanced design that optimizes the use by the spectators, starting from the extensive availability of parking spaces, and at the same time the management by the operator.

Are defined Cityplex even if they are placed in the city and in this case rarely exceed 6-7 schemes The largest complexes of this type are also called megaplex, usually above the 15 salt .The competition represented by a multiplex is often related to exclusion from the film circuit of cinemas minors, in analogy to the impact of large retailers on small businesses.

Multiplexes are often developed in close proximity, or even inside, large shopping complexes and often also include other types of premises, in addition to salt, such as restaurants, bars, ethnic restaurants, game rooms, etc.

In Italy, historically, beyond small albeit significant experience as the Arcadia Melzo, the advent of the multiplex can be traced back to the autumn of 1997 when Warner Village Cinemas (joint venture between Warner Bros Cinemas (USA 45%) Village Roadshow Cinemas (Australia 45%) and Focus International (Italy 10%) as an essential catalyst of international investment in suitable sites) open in September in Vicenza, in October in Verona and Bari in December in the first three structures of the new generation.

Followed in quick succession including other openings should be mentioned that in December 1998 Parco de Medici in Rome 18 rooms to 4,500 seats which remains the busiest multiplex in Italy. At the end of the 90 are asserted on the market other circuits of national importance such as UCI and Medusa Cinema and then others, especially at the regional level.

The development phase is now over in Italy and multiplex multiplex having reached a market share of around 50% of the existing 2800 screens

In America you can find megaplex of magnitude exorbitant. Examples are found in the Cineplex in Toronto , Canada , with a megaplex with 16 screens; the Studio 28 of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA , with 20 screens and a capacity of 6000 seats. A first example of a room with multiple projections was the Elgin Theatre in Ottawa, in Canada, who in 1957 used it for the first time a secondary room to play, simultaneously with the latest releases, older movies but who continued to create collections.

It is believed that the first megaplex ever to have been built to be the Kinepolis in Brussels, Belgium , which opened in 1988 with 25 screens. In the United States it was the AMC Grand, built in 1995 with 24 screens. Since then, the multiplex expanded throughout the USA, bringing many new complexes have up to more than 30 screens playback.

Other examples are found in Australia it is in the nation's largest shopping complex, Westfield Marion Adelaide Australia, which is a Megaplex has 26 screens. The East still seems devoid of such innovation, commercially disastrous for smaller rooms spread across countries. In India, however, are the exception, although the multiplexes are confined in large cities.