Jamai Sasthi

Dhakuria Lake

Rabindra Sarobar is a large man made lake and is a breath of fresh air in Calcutta in the midst of usual heat and dust. A lake or lake basin is a large mass for the most fresh water collected in the hollow Earth. The large lakes are sometimes referred to as inland seas, and sometimes the small seas are called lakes. Two examples are the Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea.

There are actually different types of lakes Lakes area commonly called the lakes only, underground lakes, seasonal lakes, an example of a seasonal lake is Lake Eyre in Australia that is filled when the seasonal rains are abundant, subglacial lakes, an example of a subglacial lake is Lake Vostok is located beneath the ice of Antarctica, proglacial lake, Lake submarine, which are lakes of brine submarines.

A classification of lakes is made ​​according to the type of geological event responsible for their formation, such as the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea without emissaries; tectonic, due to the collapse of sections of the earth's surface, such as Tanganyika, the Malawi and Victoria; volcanic
crater as the Lago Albano or Lago di Nemi of the caldera as the Bolsena Lake or the Lake Bracciano; flood, when a watercourse, eg. The Brenta is of alluvial deposits on its course, thus creating the Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo.

Glacial, due to erosion by glaciers, such as the lakes of the foothills of the Alps, for example. the Cento Laghi; moraine, when the counter weights is due to a deposit moraine of a glacial front, as in Canavese the Candia Lake or to Viverone; karst surface, in correspondence of sinkholes and often very small; underground, within caves , often linked to each other by siphons; of the natural barrier of a water course, into a valley, by large landslides, eg. Alleghe Lake, Lake Scanno; coastal, located in the immediate vicinity of the coast and often composed of brackish water eg. the lake of Varano and Lesina lake, lakes or ponds or lakes real not very large content in an island in turn inserted into another lake, such as Lake Manitou, which is the largest representative of this genre; artificial, due to the works made ​​by man, often dams for the production of electrical energy, eg. the Lake Corby.