Jamai Sasthi


The Kalojam is a traditional Indian dessert. It is usually prepared during the holiday, like the Diwali and the Ganpati Chaturthi, but is able to delight any occasion. The preparation of traditional classical and Kalojam is quite complex, and this new recipe is simple and fun. Most, if not all, of sweet milk born in Bengal, there is a vast variety of goodies that can achieve starting from the milk.

Even the Kalojam, famous, are balls of milk a process different from Rasgulla before being dipped in 
syrup are fried in ghee, where soaring and swell. Its a frying at low temperature we say around 115 degrees, moving constantly with the spatula to smooth the coloring. The Kalojam is an Indian dessert. "Kalo" means black and "jamun" means fruit, which in this case is boiled milk with a small amount of flour to form a batter, the consistency of caramel, molded into balls and then deep fried.