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Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant

Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant

Located 50 km away from Kolkata, the Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant, has the highest power generation capacity among the State Sector Utilities of Bengal. The thermal energy can be transformed into other forms of energy, for example, is transformed into electricity in thermal power plants in geothermal power plants and solar power plants.

Heating a gas in volume constant, increases the average kinetic energy of the particles that compose it, so that they increase the pressure on the walls of the vessel that contains it. The gas has gained potential energy, at a macroscopic level, and is thus able, eventually, to expand and be able to perform mechanical work as is common in thermal machines. The potential energy gained by the gas is due to the thermal energy fed into. The acquisition of thermal energy from the gas is confirmed by the fact that the gas increases its temperature. If the gas can expand, and so does a work consumes some of the energy that has acquired cools.

The thermal energy can be produced in large quantities simply through chemical reactions of combustion, or by means of nuclear reactions, or even through the passage of electric current through a wire with low resistance ie to the Joule effect, as occurs in stoves electric and all appliances that heat to the environment washing machine, oven, etc. There are two natural sources of thermal energy: the Sun and the coal.