Jamai Sasthi

Kala Jamun Jambul

Jambul or Kala Jamun is a plant native to Malaysia, India and Mauritius. In addition to a variety of applications in the medical field seeds and dried bark normally used in blends by Buddhists. Its good to use pulverized and can be combined with sandalwood, the cinnamon, the cloves or camphor. It's very useful in invocatory ceremonies and rites of purification because it helps to communicate with your inner self.

The Jamun is a plant worked for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases in Brazil, India and other countries. The fruit can be eaten raw and their juice enters into the composition of syrups, drinks and liqueurs. Its flowers are loved by bees who get an excellent honey. The extract of the leaves of Jambul is able to decrease business adenosine deaminase; this could contribute, triggering some biochemical processes, control of blood sugar.

The Jambul is a plant that is found only in India and in the West Indies from the many and valuable property.