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The Assembly of God Church School, Calcutta, opened its doors on 20th January 1964 with 230 students and 16 teaching staff. The AG Assemblies of God, the most important denomination Pentecostal in the world, were founded in 1914 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, during a conference held after the death of the preacher of Chicago William H. Durham (1873- 1912).

The preacher William H. Durham was born in Kentucky in 1873 and entered the church Baptist in 1891, and became pastor in 1898 and managing the mission of North Avenue in Chicago since 1901.
In 1907 he received the gift of speaking in tongues in the famous Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles and returned to Chicago, where he had converted thousands of Americans and Canadians. Among the persons converted one can cite Daniel Berg (1884-1963), founder of the Assemblies of God in Brazil, and Luigi Francescon (1866-1964), co-founder of the Christian Assembly, the first Pentecostal church for immigrants and pioneer Pentecostal movement. Even Aimee Semple not yet married to McPherson was immediately healed from a fractured ankle from Durham in 1910.
Durham died of pneumonia in Los Angeles in the summer of 1912.

The theology of Durham, however, differed from the other Pentecostal doctrines to the concept of Finished Work work done the work of Jesus Christ was perfect and over, and then, after the first two steps conversion which contained the concepts of justification and gradual sanctification by faith and baptism of the Holy Spirit, it was not necessary to add a third stage an immediate experience of sanctification, so dear to the Pentecostal background with a kind Methodist Wesleyan holiness.

When Durham expressed these ideas in a Pentecostal convention in 1910 in Chicago, there was considerable controversy because this location was in collision with the beliefs of the majority of Pentecostal churches, strictly wesleyan almost all the historical leaders of the movement, including Charles Fox Parham (1873-1929), Florence Louise Crawford (1872-1936), Charles Harrison Mason and Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson , condemned him.

However, only after his death in 1912, his followers Eudorus N. Bell (1866-1923), Archibald Howard Goss (1883-1964), Daniel Charles Owen Opperman (1872-1926), Archibald P. Collins and Mack M . Pinson (1873-1953), all ministers of the Church of God in Christ (White) (Church of God in Christ, White), a designation for loyal whites, founded in 1914, the network of the Assemblies of God, whose first president was Eudorus N. Bell and the seat was fixed at Saint Louis since 1915.

Although Bell and the other founders have declared that they want to form a new denomination, but only a network of Pentecostal congregations, inevitably this transformation took place, giving rise to various internal divisions. The Assemblies of God, while remaining in the mainstream Pentecostal, they have a doctrine of the Trinity as mentioned above, Armenian it attaches, in other words, of particular importance to the grace of God and the free will of conditioned and recognize two sacraments: baptism total immersion a legacy of the influence that they had many faithful from churches Baptist and the Lord's Supper. As already mentioned, they do not believe in an immediate sanctification as other Pentecostal denominations, but in a gradual process, although there is a complete identity of views on this point.

As has already been said, the Assemblies of God are the largest Pentecostal denomination in the world with 35 million faithful in more than 75 countries around the world, including 2.2 million in the USA. Their headquarters is in Springfield, Missouri, where it is produced each day all over the world for religious documents using less than 11 tons of paper! As well as in many countries of the world, they also have activated special missions with the aim of converting the most diverse categories of people: people who are deaf and or blind, prisoners and street thugs, American Indians on reservations, even 13 missions to try to convert Jews.

Their pastors are appointed after completing a regular course of study: first, the Assemblies have exploited in this sense a collaboration with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (Alliance Christian and Missionary), abbreviated as C & MA, a church of holiness interested in divine healing, and who has trained many of their pastors and missionaries, but later they opened 9 Bible schools and 2 universities under their control.

Since the 90s, the AG have made ​​some laudable attempt to overcome racial divisions within American Pentecostal Galaxy: Memphis, Tennessee, in 1994, the Pentecostal Fellowship of North America Guild Pentecostal North America, a network of groups exclusively for loyal whites, including AG, broke up admitting past racism and merged in the infant group interracial Pentecostal