Jamai Sasthi

TATA Centre

Tata Centre is one of the largest industrial groups in India with a long history in various industrial sectors. The Tata Group was founded by Jamshedji Tata and from the foundation of a member of the Tata family has almost always been at the helm of the group. Currently the chairman is Ratan Tata who succeeded JRD Tata in the nineties . The group consists of 93 companies in seven business sectors that employs about 220,000 employees. About 65% of the ownership of Tata Group is controlled by the Foundation.

Tata has voluntarily adopted the Global Compact. Tata Steel, one of the divisions of Tata, is known as the steel industry with the lowest production costs in the world. The same strategy is pursued today by Tata Motors, the car division and industrial vehicles of the Group, which have long been studying the development along with FIAT one of its small-car at low cost. The new car will be unveiled at Delhi in 2008.

The agreement with Fiat goes back to June 2006 and currently Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata, sits on the board of directors of the Fiat group. For industrialization and production of this car you have chosen to build a new factory in the region of Singur, West Bengal about 35 km from Kolkata.

The area designated for the construction of the factory is a very fertile soil for agriculture after the agricultural reform and the redistribution of land next to the peasant uprisings of the 70s. The extent of the land is 1000 acres, about 400 acres, divided into plots of various sizes. The fertility of the soil allows 3 to 5 crops a year. The requisition of the land takes place through the application of an edict of 1894 the colonial Land Acquisition Act.