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Sandesh is a dry sweet made of curd, milk and sugar, that originated in Bengal and is very popular here. In the region of the Bay of Bengal, where the delta of the Ganges, divided in two by the border of Bengal, the region is famous for its fish and sweet.

There are many variations of this sweet as some uses almonds to decorate or chopped pistachios instead or use other varieties of flour to thicken, and there are those who use the condensed milk and color with food coloring or with saffron.

The payesh is a traditional sweet dish popular in many countries in South Asia. Is made ​​with wheat or with boiled rice mixed with other ingredients: sugar, milk, raisins, cardamom, saffron and pistachios. It can be served alone, but also during a meal. This famous Asian dessert that is made with flour and milk, it is fried, is dipped in a sugar syrup and is flavored with rosewater, cardamom seeds and saffron.

Its color depends on the red-brown sugar syrup but there are also variations in which sugar has been added to the dough. The gulab jamun, usually served on special occasions such as weddings and Muslim celebrations. The jilipi, or jalebi, is basically a fried pretzel dipped in sugar syrup sweet snack is made by dissolving sugar in the water and leaving everything boil until it has the consistency of a syrup.

The dough is prepared by kneading the suji a type of wheat grainy and not dusty with ghee a type of butter used in many areas of the Asia, and with the Chenna, a variety of Indian cheese. You put the ghee in a pan on which you then pour the mixture and the Chenna.  Removed the pieces of dough from the pan, immerse in the syrup.  Ideally jilipi serve while still hot.

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  1. yes i absolutely love shankh sandesh! my favourite mishti! :D