Jamai Sasthi

Kola Bou Snan Durga Puja

A group of women who look to the rituals of Kolabou approaching the ghats of Ganga. The ritual is carried out on the Ghats of the river. The Kolabau is shown in a procession and placed close to Lord Ganesha in Durga Puja Pandal. The Hindu deity Durga is one of the most important and impressive. Is said to be able to defeat the demons, ignorance and enlighten the human mind. According to the doctrine of Hindu goddesses are all ultimately one goddess or Devi, but it appears in many forms with different names.

One of the most terrible forms of Devi Durga. It was also the oldest: During the early days of the war between gods and Durga was the first manifestation of the Goddess energy. War did not lead to the victory of any of the parties and the battles dragged wearily, as the gods came together and focused their energies. From their mouths came fire, which formed Durga, the first female deity of the universe. Although produced by the gods, Durga was far more powerful than all of them together and it was all too eager to fight fiercely.

The sign of recognition of the surrendered their arms to you, that riding a tiger walked to the head of the anti, the demon Mahisa. This being terrified by the appearance of new, used his powers to take over a terrifying form after another. But the Goddess continued to advance until the slaughtered while he had taken the form of a buffalo.

The demon attempted to escape from the mouth of the dying but Durga grabbed him by the hair and made ​​havoc, freeing the land that is now the gods were able to live. Durga represents not only the fearless power of those who fight against evil, but also the role of the intellectual sphere as Durga (the inaccessible) represents the end of all things; try to understand it means to engage in the investigation intellectual far more difficult. Within the Hindu pantheon also remember KALI , the powerful goddess of destruction and transformation.